National Wrestling Alliance

The National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) is a promotion and sanctioning body that licenses promoters and promotions around the world to conduct NWA professional wrestling events. The NWA has been in operation since 1948. In August of 2012, International Wrestling Corp, LLC assumed full ownership of the NWA. International Wrestling Corp, LLC is owned and operated by R. Bruce Tharpe (President) and Chris Ronquillo (Chief Executive Officer).  On June 1, 2014 the NWA named James Beard "Director of Operations". The NWA home office is located in Houston, Texas.

The NWA’s mission is to present professional wrestling events that are both athletic and competitive, not only as a promotion but through the licensing of integrity driven promoters and quality promotions around the world.  The National Wrestling Alliance...since 1948...History, Tradition, Respect.

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Current NWA Champions:

NWA World Heavyweight Champion

Rob Conway
Won:  6/2/14 (defeated Satoshi Kojima at Cauliflower Alley in Las Vegas)

NWA World Tag Team Champions

Tencozy - Satoshi Kojima and Hiroyoshi Tenzan
Won:  4/6/14 (defeated the "IronGodz USA" Rob Conway and Jax Dane in Tokyo at a New Japan Pro Wrestling event)

NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Champion

Chase Owens
Won:  3/7/14 (defeated Ricky Morton in Churchill, Tennessee at NWA Smoky Mountain Wrestling)

NWA World Women’s Champion

Barbi Hayden
Won:  1/25/14 (defeated Kacee Carlisle at NWA Houston in Cypress, TX)

NWA North American Heavyweight Champion

Byron Wilcott
Won:  5/16/14 (defeated Tokyo Monster Kahagas at NWA Texoma in Sherman, TX)

NWA National Heavyweight Champion

"The World's Most Interesting Wrestler" Lou Marconi
Won:  7/12/14 (Defeated Phil "Nitro" Monahan at NWA World Wide Wrestling in Carolina Beach, NC)