NWA Houston Opportunities

NWA Houston is accepting resumes for pay and intern openings in this fast paced business. If you would like to be a part of the NWA Houston Team in one or more of the following areas contact us at 832-628-NWAH (6924) or email us at info@nwahouston.com.

Positions Needed

*  Sponsorship and ticket sales (commission based pay)

*  Video production (interns)

*  Unarmed security staff (interns)

*  Ring crew (interns)

There are over 300 different positions that exist in our incredible industry. From ring/ street crew to referee to in ring talent, NWA Houston can make your dream to be a part of this amazing business a reality. 

Taylor's Professional Wrestling School is NWA Houston's recommended training facility.  Tug and Chaz Taylor are currently accepting students for referee, valet, manager, and wrestling positions. Visit NWA Houston's recommended pro wrestling school page for more informaton.