NWA Lone Star Champions

All photos by Through our Lens Photos

NWA Lone Star (Texas) Heavyweight Champion

"The Exclamation Point" Steve Anthony

date won 8-2-14 (defeated "The King of the Underground" Scot Summers at NWA Houston #41)

NWA Lonestar Tag Team Champions

"The Empire" Matt Riviera and Greg Anthony

date won 3-29-14 (defeated "The Sons of Texas" James Claxton and Alex Reigns at NWA Housotn Live Pro Wrestling Event #37)

NWA Lonestar Women’s Champion

Barbi Hayden

date won 9-14-12 (defeated Rachel Summerlyn)

NWA Lonestar Junior Heavyweight Champion

Danny Ramons

date won 5-31-14 (defeated Rudy Russo)